WMNSurf Style Guide: Caught up in a good thing with Volcom Bikinis 

Volcom simply solid bikini

Volcom teamed up with Project 0 to protect what we love the most: The ocean.

„I have enough Bikinis“ – said, No one ever! 

Honestly, you can not have enough bikinis. Every year, most of us girls indulge in one or another new bikini model of the season.

The old bikinis from last year have lost color and strength, or eventually got out of shape (the bikinis, by no means we ourselves!). Whatever made you feel like having a new piece of Bikini in your boardbag… We agree, there are a thousand reasons to justify buying a new bikini every now and then.

But how do we justify our constant consumption behavior towards the environment? For quite some time, it’s all about how we can protect our oceans and the environment. How we can sustainably produce and live better in the long term. It´s on us to keep our wonderful world and its nature as beautiful as we´ve known it for as long as possible.

Thanks to the many initiatives, beach clean up’s are almost part of everyday life for surfers and ocean lovers. And the surf industry also plays its part in making our consumption patterns as tolerable as possible for the environment. Volcom therefore has teamed up with project 0.

What is project 0 and how does it work? 

We all know that the textile industry is one of the most harmful. As a buyer, we also decide on the environmental impact of clothing. And so that we can continue to surf with great bikinis, Volcom has come up with something very special for this season!

The first ocean-friendly ocean swimwear collection! Made up of 78% recycled Econyl fibers from recycled fishing nets, as well as other discarded nylon fibers.

Project 0 is a new generation focused on fixing the world´s largest and most solvable problem: the ocean. It´s a global movement supported by renowned scientists, business leaders, celebrities, ocean experts and individuals who are all working together to restore and protect the ocean.

Currently less than 3% of the ocean is protected, countless fisheries are overexploited – the majority of top predators are gone and then of course the huge amount of micro plastics and waste are pouring into the ocean unchecked. Half of the coral reefs are gone, and dead zones cover huge swaths of ocean unable to support life.

There´s been a huge amount of projects recently started but being paused again due to lack of financial support. Project 0 is looking to raise huge amounts of money to keep these projects going and make the much needed change.

Their goal of Volcom and Project 0 is:

•Put 30% of the ocean under protection by 2030.

•Rebuild coral reefs and mangrove forests.

•Clean up the ocean.

•Restore fisheries.

•Fund innovative projects that protect and restore the ocean.

Volcom simply solid bikini

Volcom´s part is to make new bikinis out of old fishing nets

„Project 0 collaborates with conservation partners around the world. The Project 0 movement provides funds to finish projects all over the globe that have started but have stalled due to lack of support. Together we will put 30% of the ocean under protection by 2030, restore fisheries, rebuild coral reefs and mangroves, and clean up the ocean.“ – Project 0

Hit this link to learn more about the projects:


Here´s how Volcom involves to Project 0: 

Volcom Womens

solidifies a partnership with Project 0, a global organization working to restore and protect the world’s oceans. Volcom will donate $1 USD to Project 0 for each Simply Seamless Bodysuit sold, to help benefit this organization and their efforts to fix the world’s largest and most solvable problem – The Ocean.

Get involved too!