Beauty: We are no Mermaids! Get ‘The Good Stuff’ to protect your skin!  

The Good Stuff

Salt in the air, sand in my hair, water in my nose, coral in my feet …the oh so natural Surfgirl-life is pretty great, yes. But there´s a downside to all the ocean glitter on our body.

Because, in REAL LIFE we are no mermaids! As frequent Surfers, we all struggle with fizzy, thinned out and sun-bleached hair, countless freckles all over our body and dry skin resulting in wrinkles over the years or clogged pores from all the zinc that „stays on!“ like our Surfbikini. Surfing and being exposed to the sun all the time, can turn into a rat-race against your physical aging process at some point around your mid 20´s. And this ain´t a slow process, it actually happens in no time once you approach your 30´s. Trust me, i know this.

So the point is, beauty has it´s price! Either way, but most of all at drugstores. Before you now start panicking, because there literally are over a million different ways, creams, lotions, moisturizers, patches, masks, secret recipes and other funny stuff and you wont have enough time and never enough bucks in one life to figure out what´s best for you...

Here´s my advice: Try  THE GOOD STUFF! You´ll probably stick to it as THE travel essential no.1 because you don´t really need anything else than this in your travel bag. So that is already pretty ‚good stuff‘, but the best about The Good Stuff is the following:

It´s a natural oil, it moisturizes your skin and helps recover it from the sun, it´s dermatologically tested and approved, you can use it for your skin and hair, it´s good quality and made from surfers for surfers, it´s sustainable, it´s organic and…IT`S VEGAN! You´ll love it!

But here are some more hard facts about THE GOOD STUFF and it´s ingredients:

The Good Stuff is made out of 11 different oils, which are the following:

Inca Peanut Oil, Sesame Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Orange, Palmarosa, Lavender, Geranium, Grapefruit, YlangYlang, Lemon.

According to the Manufacturer it is „A quickly absorbing facial oil without clogging pores. For men, women and all skin types.“ - and I can confirm! (not if it´s good for men, as I am a female, nor if it suits all skin types, because I only have one, but for me, it works the best!) It definitely fully moisturizes my skin and this not just for an hour but throughout the entire day – on long flights with extra dry air I use it for a second time a day and sometimes at night before I set my self to dream with waves.

Perfect to travel!


•Balances skin´s moisture level



Yes I think so!

Want to get some of this now or learn even more? Then this is your path :

And if you don´t give a sand corn about how you look, because you just want to spend every penny you have, on trips, boards, wetsuits and bikinis to get more of that salty-sun-madness - fair enough! I can assure you, the high sun exposure might boost your skin-aging process to the maximum but surfing therefore keeps your soul young and shiny, so that´s a plus!