Maui Women´s Pro: The title race show down has begun

Honolua Bay is a fickle spot, but after four days of waiting the title race show down has started this Wednesday morning at the Maui Women's Pro. The Bay turned on for the first few heats and the ladies where on fire. We saw massive turns and occasional Tube rides in glassy conditions with rainbows across the dreamy bay at Honolua. Throughout the day the sets slowed down and became more inconsistent.

The Day at the Maui Women´s Pro in Honolua Bay - short recap


Sally Fitzgibbons:

came to Maui ranked number 1 but was eliminated from the event in her round one heat where she placed third after Silvana Lima and wildcard Brisa Hennessy. Resulting in the end for her 2017 title race.

Tyler Wright: 

sent it straight to the quarterfinals even with her bulky knee brace!

Steph Gilmore:

who landed on Maui ranked number 5 seemed to have bottled up her competitive mode for the show down in the bay. She was on fire! In her opening heat she scored a 9.57 and went straight into the quarters after placing another 9.07 run in round three.

Courtney Conlogue:

is still in the title race but has to go for a do-or-die run in round four.

Carissa Moore:

won her third World Title in Honolua bay and still has a good chance to take home her fourth soon! She´ll join Courtney Conlogue for the do-or-die run in round four.


Malia Manuel and Bronte Macaulay made it to the Quarters.

Laura Enever will not join the tour next year due to an injury, but is going to focus on film projects and will contact Kelly in hope for a wild card at the Ranch Event in Leemore. - full Interview coming soon!

Steph Gilmore has picked up on playing the ukulele and dancing Hula. 

Silvana Lima and Tyler Wright is a must watch heat recap!

A quick show inlay was given by two whales breaching not far from the line up.

In conclusion: You should have been there watching with us!