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"I had this Beverly Hills life. But it's only when I live in the van that I feel like a true millionaire.“

Professional Male Model – Phillipe Leblond – from Montreal, Canada has swapped his Beverly hills kinda life for the Vanlife kinda one: More freedom, more space and above all, more nature and adventure.

Why? Well, why do we do it all the time… To chase swells and be flexible. Sure! But isn´t it also because we want to be able to call the world our living room and use our car as a bedroom? Vanlife represents the ultimate life experience for many of us surf bums and has long ago reached outside the surfing scene.

So who is this handsome young man, living in a self-converted van? All we know is that he is 30 -years-old and single, he likes to surf (we like to surf too! so that´s a match!), he is traveling the world in his self-converted van. Alone. In the wilderness. Fishing and making fire. Call it cliché but there is nothing hotter than that. Did we mention, he likes dirtbikes too? well, he does!

Pretending to be a mechanic 🤣📷 @themackenzielife

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In the following video, the most handsome dropout on earth explains how he has turned his jetset life to vanlife.

Dive in and try not to fall …