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WSL:”I almost drowned out there” – Adriano de Souza, Meo Ripcurl Pro

The definition of commitment by Adriano de Souza in todays conditions: Massive Barrels, Mindset and Medicine 

It was a tough day at the Meo Ripcurl Pro in Portugal! Four times overhead on some of the sets, rips, double ups, whitewater, as high as a two-story building and the heaviest barrels Supertubos has seen at a competition in a long time. Not only Mick Fanning was absolutely knackered and therefore understandably tight-lipped after his heats. Also former World Champ Adriano de Souza struggled to survive!

"I almost drowned out there" - Adriano de Souza

Take a deep breath and be well aware of how lucky you were, that you did not „have to“ paddle out there. Here´s the definition of today´s commitment, put together in photos and some words of Adriano, Mick could not find.

All photos by @Janinereith

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Stephanie Gilmore: How a 7 times World Champ lives

It takes a tour to win a title - Is the WSL´s slogan and Stephanie Gilmore has toured pretty much all her life and won 7 world titles so far. In 2016 she´s settled a home in the historic mecca of surfing: MALIBU.

In this new video of 'Nowness' the now 29 year old Australian Surfer takes us on a walk through her home, trophies, surfboards, art and lots of creativity united in one house. Want to know what a "country club for mermaids" does? Tune in and find out!

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More than a Bikini, less than a Wetsuit: Tuulikki NYC

Have you ever wondered, why the NY Fashion week doesn’t showcase Surf Bikini 's? No?! Na, we neither!

An urban mecca full of skyscrapers, concrete and traffic-clogged streets, colorful illumination at night and more different cultures united in one big city than anywhere else in the world. New York City may not be the first place that comes to mind if you are thinking of hitting the water, it definitely comes to mind in first place when ‚Fashion‘ is mentioned though, doesn’t it? And Fashion is what we´re talking about, Surffashion to be exact.

Surffashion out of New York, stop it please!


– if that´s what you think, keep calm and read on. We´ve been more than skeptical about this, but thought it would be fair to give it a try before putting it down to the same level as Chanel´s Surfboards.



All the more, we are pretty stoked to say, Tuulikki NYC is what we´ll be surfing in this season and probably the next one as well! Tuulikki NYC is water wear that not only surfs you, it actually serves you too. When the weather calls for some extra layers, you just grab one of their zip up second layer pieces instead or on top of the supportive bikinis. I think we don´t need to mention that it´s going to add some class and style to your surfing too. Of course.



Tuulikki 2


Here´s the new brands Bikini goals:


Earth-friendly, sun-safe, wind resistant, no stomach or inner arm chafe, no readjusting your bikini top or bottom because it should be your decision when to free the nipple, not the waters, good quality and therefore long lasting high performance surf wear you can get barreled with!


„…so that come glassy barrels or high winds and water, the last thing on your mind is how your bikini bottom’s holding up.“ – TUULIKKI NYC


And the best thing: A backside zippered key pocket designed to hold your in-water kit on nearly every piece!



But enough said, have a look yourself! Here we present bikini fashion straight outta NYC and made for surfing: Tuulikki NYC – more than a Bikini but less than a wetsuit. So basically, it is that piece of surf wear that has been missing in our boardbag for so long!

Slip on, paddle out, and don’t give a second thought to what your bum is up to or that water might be sneaking a ride! - as stated by TUULIKKI NYC

Hit the link to view the lookbook of collection Surf Bikini 01 !

Tuulikki Lookbook 2017

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