Meet Maya Gabeira Big Wave surfings sweetest Brazilian 

We are happy to have one of Big wave surfings strongest characters back surfing big waves: Maya Gabeira. After a near death experience at Nazaré, Portugal Maya is determined to Surf in big Waves again. In 2013 Maya was knocked unconscious by a 70-foot wave. She lay in the shallows face down and unconscious where she was held under as waves rushed over her. Her tow partner Carlos Burle, who surfed one of the biggest waves ever ridden that day, rescued and rushed her to the beach. She suffered a broken shin.

She has overcome physical and mental obstacles and has returned to her passion for surfing giant waves. Currently she´s supporting her partner in Big Wave Surfing, Sebastian Steudtner to prepare for European Winter and it´s monster Waves.

We wish her all the best, as much strength and power she needs to do what she loves doing - Surfing big waves.

The Forecast for Hawaii´s Northshore is looking solid for the next week. We´re looking forward to see all the brave Women and Men charging at Waimea Bay and Sunsets. WMNSurfmag will keep you posted!