Laura Enever: „I won´t be on Tour next year“ 

Laura Enever

Just recently we´ve introduced Laura Enevers Instagram Profile as a ‚must‘ follow in our #1tofollow - series. At the Maui Womens Pro we got a chance to talk to the Surfer who charges in so many different ways and waves.

Whether it is surfing the big ones at Jaws and Mavericks or Billabong´s ‚New Wave‘ of fashion, Laura polarizes with her authentic and courageous personality.

She held her chinn high after getting pounded by a set at the Pe’ahi Big Wave Challenge earlier this year. The Wipe out caused her a knee injury which is now holding her back from being a part of the WSL Women CT next year. But this is not going to stop her from charging anyway.

We had a quick chat with Laura between heats at Honolua Bay and here´s what you can look forward to see from her next year!

„I´ve had a couple of injuries this year but I love big wave surfing. I won´t be on the tour next year, so I´ll be focusing on that [Big Wave Surfing]. I´m looking forward to go to a lot of new spots to try to push myself in bigger waves and challenge myself. I´m super excited and just getting all my big wave boards ready now.“

„I´m definitely going to watch the CT. I´d love to go to J-Bay, Bali – it´s so close to Western Australia so we go over quite a bit… I´ll definitely have to tag along, do a few events and put my application in for the wildcards. I´m super excited to watch next year. I´m so inspired by all the girls on tour, I love watching them all. The wavepool event obviously is amazing. I havent actually gotten a chance to go surf there yet cause I had to get a surgery done [knee injury] but yeah, I´m so excited to go over there. It looks cool!“

Will you try and compete at the Event at Kelly´s surf ranch? 

Yeah, if I get a wildcard. I´ll have to message Kelly!

That´s already quite a few exciting things Laura has lined up for next year. Still this is not it!

„I really love writing and working with all the really creative people like the filmers and photographers they´re awesome people, doing amazing stuff. They´re joining forces in creating  some cool imagery and films or anything like that is also a passion of mine. So i´ll be doing a lot of that next year as well. I´d like to even get into producing some films and stuff so yeah that´s awesome. I just love that side of being creative and writing stories.“

Any film projects lined up for next year already?

"I got a few projects lined up so I´m just waiting to get them all sorted out. They´re all really exciting, so I have to tell you about them soon.“

We can´t wait to hear more. In the meantime you can watch Laura´s new project with Billabong:

Besides from surfing, Laura Enever has got a passion for fashion and no matter if she surfs, or sits in the front row at the NY Fashion week – „she just looks as natural in leather shorts as she does in a wettie.“ as stated by Sponsor Stance.

Before the Pipe masters kick off, (we will be reporting) there is another Event we´re all looking forward to every end of the season: The Surfer Polls.

Do you know what you´ll be wearing at the Surfer Polls yet?

„Yes I do.“

What is it, what is it, what is it? 

„I actually have this awesome neoprene skirt and I´m gonna wear a Billabong Bikini top with it. I love mixing and matching high fashion brands with billabong pieces.“

That sounds exciting! What do you always bring in your Suitcase? 

„Overalls! Oversized shirts and a pair of boots, you can always wear boots. And bikinis of course.“

What´s your secret regarding hair care? 

„Leave in conditioner! I actually forgot this today but it literally is a life saver. When I was younger I just got dead ends and my hair was always frizzy and burnt. Leave in conditioner pretty much safed my life [laughs]. Definitely gotta have it in your bags.“

In her personal Blog, Laura shares her passion for Fashion and surfing combined with her own and artsy way of traveling and design.