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„Just like that, she handed me my destiny“ – Pacha Light on her journey to Surfing

Pacha Light Billabong

It’s the little things in life that can make big differences. Sometimes, all it takes is a little spark of hope to light up the fire we need to develop a burning passion, that later becomes as bright as the sun. Don’t wait for the right opportunity, create it.

Start where you are, use what you have and do what you can. This is exactly what  Pro Surfer and Billabong Team Rider Pacha Light did to start surfing.

From living in the forest to moving to the jungle of Borneo to turning pro - Pacha Lights’ journey is one inspiring story! So that we at thought we should ask her to share it with you. And she did.

Pacha Light Portrait

Name: Pacha Lina Luque-Light

Birthday: 2nd of March, 2001

Nationality: Australian/Ecuadorian

Stance: Natural

Favorite Spot: Snapper Rocks, Super Bank.

WMNSurfmag: We heard, you got your first surfboard from Laura Enever. Walk us through that moment, please.

It was the Quicksilver Pro of 2011 and I had just started surfing (inspired by my brother hehehe). We didn’t have enough money to buy a new surfboard, so I thought I could do the other thing I really loved (dancing) to busk and try to collect money to buy my own.

So, I set up at the edge of the competition and soon enough, a gorgeous surfer girl came up and danced with me - It was Laura Enever! She then disappeared and came with a surfboard in her hand- she was giving me one of her backup boards from the contest. Just like that she handed me my destiny (and I still have that board!).Pacha Light Laura Enever destiny

„Just like that, she handed me my destiny“

WMNSurfmag: How has this changed your life? What has changed since that day?

So, after that day, I surfed every chance I got, rain, hail or shine- big waves and small! It was really hard learning to surf with her high-performance board but it was so much fun I just wanted to keep going. Laura stayed in contact and gave me a place in training camps and VIP passes to the contest to watch the best surfers in the world. She came along to my 12th birthday party just after joining Billabong and gave me the cutest bikini - I was ecstatic! A couple of years later, I got a call from Billabong to come on the team and it’s been the most incredible time! Luckiest girl in the world. 

WMNSurfmag: Same as Laura, you are very creative and fashion-conscious. How often do you go shopping and what do you end up buying the most?

Pacha Light and Laura Enever

Well, I come from a family where clothes shopping wasn’t a big thing. We lived in the forest in a recycled house and bought just about everything from the 2nd hand shop! That’s why the new bikinis from Laura were such a big thing. Surfing with support from Billabong gave me the freedom to choose my own fashion for the first time and their stuff is great! Like most girls, I’m scrolling through Instagram watching styles and trends - and I do get excited on occasions where I can go all out with style. 

I’m so fortunate to be with Billabong and be able to pick and choose from their clothing which is very stylish. Being raised with a low income from a single mother we always held practicality over fashion and usually our whole closet was thrifted, we liked things simple but now I find inspiration from women like Laura and her style. 

WMNSurfmag: You also are very open-minded and adventurous. You’ve lived in the Borneo-Jungle with natives. Tell us about it! How was living in the jungle and meeting the locals?

My Mother has been working in environmental activism all her life. She traveled to Borneo in 1991 to help protect the ancient forests and the shy, gentle nomadic Penan peoples whose lives depend on the forests and who were peacefully trying to defend their lands. 

Pacha Light with her mum

5 years ago (after 20 years since she had last been there) she brought my brother and me back to visit her tribal friends in the deep jungle of Borneo. Despite the tragic destruction of much of the forest and conversion to palm oil plantations, the Penan were kind and gentle as always and welcomed us into their lives of simplicity - sleeping on planks, eating wild sago, fruits, and wild boar. We played in the river with the children and had so much fun. I think society can learn from this tribe in so many ways. 

WMNSurfmag: Could you live in a remote place like this if there were perfect waves every day?

For sure! I love that simple life - living in harmony with nature. We have lived in the cloud forest of Ecuador as young kids, an hour walk from the dirt road and with no electricity or hot water - and we were as happy as ever! 

I think we understand that you don’t need much more than food, shelter, relationships, and purpose to live a happy life!

„I think we understand that you don’t need much more than food, shelter, relationships, and purpose to live a happy life!“

Pacha Light with turtle

WMNSurfmag: What in life could you not live without?

I think music brings so much joy so probably my ukulele.

WMNSurfmag: Your Insta says ‚take care of mother earth‘? What do you think everybody can do to protect the environment?

Just understanding that we are not separate from the Earth makes all the difference, understanding that everything we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves - that changes everything! You notice things like plastic rubbish and do what you can to use less and pick trash when you see it on the beach. It just comes naturally.

And just doing the little things makes a difference - eating less meat reduces CO2 emissions, using a reusable water bottle reduces plastic and saves you money and growing a few things in your own little garden makes you happy and healthy! 

WMNSurfmag: You are into social media, tell us about your blog and YouTube channel?

I started my blog 5 years ago (when I was 12) to keep a journal of our world travels and it’s still going as a way to share travel stories, thoughts, and ideas - especially about this surfing life! It’s

The YouTube channel is a visual diary - I’ve been creating video logs for a few years now. Search Pacha Light. 

I think it’s been really cool to look back and read or watch my story!

WMNSurfmag: What is your aim with it?

I want to inspire girls to take initiative and not be afraid to chase after your dreams or voice your opinions... to enjoy life to the fullest and to find love in the ocean which we need to protect for future generations! 

WMNSurfmag: If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?

I feel so lucky that more than I have ever wished for had come true for me… So, I guess, the wishes would be for everyone to find joy and love in the ocean and in nature and for that to make a change in the way we live, for finding hope and peace for the future.

Pacha Light

WMNSurfmag: Thank you Pacha.

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