ART: A blend of waves and art, feelings and memories by Johny Vieira 

Johny Vieira Surfart

Johny Vieira is a surf teacher. But he does not just teach people how to surf, he also makes waves. He has made it his job to make the moments of joy we experience seeing and surfing waves last a little longer.

Johny Vieira Surfart

„I attempt to recreate that sweet anticipation and pumping excitement when we arrive at the beach and the waves are epic and promise uninterrupted surfing bliss.“

There is something about surfing that is really inspiring. The ocean and mother nature are powerful and it seems, they are sharing their energy with us when we surf. If waves were perfect, they would not be.

„I see my work as a tribute to the ephemeral nature of the wave.“

Johny Vieira Surfart

Johny’s wave sculptures portray natures beauty in waves. If you have ever dreamt with finding perfect waves then this is your chance. has reached out to find out a little more about the waves by Johny.

The Idea:

„Still sleepy, one morning I found myself looking at a picture frame and imagining a wave curling out of it, and that was the exact moment when it came up the idea. I think it came as a relief from obsession with perfect waves, voyaging across my mind.“

Johny Vieira Surfart

The Beginning:

„From the scratch, I felt I had to figure out the way to incarnate my idea. I didn’t have a clue on how to get started at first. Thinking about it, I had the idea that maybe gypsum could work. I went to buy gypsum and started to exploring how to work with it. I tried to make the first wave, using a frame from my mum’s house.  I admit I was amazed with it. Looking at it now, it’s a really shitty wave. But it is how everything started, and I’m proud of it!“

The Time: 

„It takes more or less 7 days working daily around 2 to 3 hours. The gypsum needs a certain temperature and humidity to dry, just like the paint and varnish. I have to wait for days to continue working on it.“

Johny Vieira Surfart

The Difficulties: 

„Adding and removing gypsum to get the desired shape, sometimes I take too much gypsum out so I need to add more again. Then I have to wait until it dries out to sculpt details again. It requires a lot of patience, which is what I consider as difficult. Also the painting part is difficult. When the paint dries, the color changes a bit. So in the beginning, I need to have this perception of how the colors will looks like after they are dry.“

The Material: 

„Wood, driftwood or classic wood for the frame. Metal, gypsum and water. Water painting, varnish.“

Johny Vieira Surfart

The Shipping: 

„I carefully wrap the wave in plastic bubble wrap and put it in a customized box made with recycled pallet wood. Then the box gets sealed with carton to smooth eventual shocks during the shipping process. Shipping takes around about one week in Europe and two to three weeks in the rest of the world to arrive to its new home.“

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All photos by: Daniel Espírito Santo