The North shore fell silent when Jeremy Flores won the Pipemasters 2017

In the final of the Billabong Pipemasters against two-times Wolrd Champ John John Florence, Jeremy Flores took his second Pipe-win. With only seconds on the clock, no one had expected Jeremy Flores could and would turn this heat around. But he did! And the beach crowd fell silent. No cheering, no applause. The North shore community seemed bummed about John John Florence indeed winning his second World Title but not simultaneously Pipe.

You can watch the full drama here:

So Jeremy Flores bursted JJF´s (and the North Shore communities) dream to win both titles at his home break. At the same time though, he won him his second world title by winning his heat against Gabby! And the humble Frenchman even felt sorry for interfere with the Title Race between Medina and Florence as he stated in his victory speech. He said, the battle should have been decided between Gabby and John John. We would have loved that! The thrilling final with Jeremy Flores’ unexpected last minute tube ride: Not a bad end to the 2017 season either!

Billabong Pipe Masters Final Results:

1 - Jeremy Flores 16.23
2 - John John Florence 16.16

We recommend you watch JF winning JJF his title: