1 to follow: Imogen Caldwell, Australias wildest desert flower!

Imogen Caldwell, she has got it all:

She calls ‚red bluff‘ her home spot and lives in the desert. She rides dirt bikes and surfs heavy lefts. She´s got two huskies and some serious modeling skills. She´s a RVCA Advocate and has got the style! She´s a fishermen´s wife and obviously no stranger to fishing rods. She´s the one to go on an adventure with. She´s from West-OZ and she´s pretty perfect, if you ask me!

It´s easy to spend some time in Imogen´s Instagram scroll. You can get lost in deep barrels with her or feel the hot sand on your skin while motorcycling through the desert. Not to mention the absolute cuteness overload looking at photos of her two Siberian Huskies Casper and Ghost (who – of course – have their own Instagram too)

For the ones who´ve never heard of red bluff or don´t know much about West Oz' most dangerous reef break and it´s location, we´ve got some more info for you. Read on!

So where Imogen Caldwell lives, the next town is 130km away. The 20-year old Superwoman grew up with her parents and siblings, fishing, scuba diving, surfing and riding motorbikes through the desert. And all of that with one of WA´s most perfect waves on her doorstep.

A fast and powerful lefthander! The place is just as magical as it´s local Surfergirl: Camping at night under a blanket of stars and some of the most fresh and juicy Mango smoothies you´ll ever have. Go there whenever you feel like it, it breaks nearly all year around. If it doesn´t break, ask Imogen to show you where the lobsters are!

Sound´s like an adventure made for you? Dive in!

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