Watch: „I´m going for the World Title“ – Coco Ho is on fire for 2018, watch her documentary.

Coco Ho Winning

Growing up on the North Shore of Oahu, Coco Ho has been surfing all her life. Inspired by her brother Mason and Dad Michael Ho she said: 

“I just remember trying to impress my brother. My whole growing up was all to impress Mason.“

Coco and Mason Ho

Still, winning a World Title is nothing easy. In the past 10 years on tour, Coco has made her experiences with losing and winning, she has had ups and downs that led her to where she is today: Ready to win the title!

This is the compelling story of Coco Ho and her 10 years on Tour: 

Coco Ho Winning

Learn, how she got started surfing, her rich surfing family history, ups and downs on the Championship Tour, and everything in between. Including exclusive interviews with brother, Mason Ho, father, Michael Ho, and world champion surfers John John Florence and Stephanie Gilmore.

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