Useful Christmas presents in 2017!

It´s kind of difficult to pack up a wave in a gift box for Christmas. So unless you manage to do so, you should check out WMNSurfMag´s wishlist. We have collected a few ideas that perfectly fit in a surfing women´s life in order to make Christmas a little saltier.

1. Surfergirlskickass

If you surf, you will want this book. It´s one of those books, that you can not close nor continue reading because the more you read the sooner the beautiful and adventurous journey is over. These books are rare. Surfergirlskickass is one of them. Get it, read it.


2. Morgan Massens Art

No matter if you´re living in a landlocked home or close by the sea. A photo of Morgan Massen´s is a must have for an ocean loving Surfy´s house/room. Plus: His photos need to be watched printed. Big, on your wall! So you don´t have to scroll through your Instagram only to unsatisfactorly obsvere them on your tiny Iphone screen. Choose your favorite and order your printed wallpaper at Morgan Massens online shop.

3. Keylock

Your on a solo mission to find a wave and don´t know where to put your key. This is your solution. Locked in and attached to your car. Your car key safe and sound during a session.

4. Posca pens

We all are creative in our very own way. Show your style through a painting on your board. Attache a message to it´s deck or paint a duck on a ding. Up to you! Anything is possible with colorful posca pens.

5. The Good Stuff

A little more pricey but all natural, vegan and organic. Perfect for us, nature loving surf creatures. The Good Stuff helps you restore your skin after a draining surf exposed to salt and sun. It´s a real goodie for every trip. Fits in your handluggage, hydrates your skin on the plane and replaces at most other moisturizers you would bring. Read more about it on here.

The Good Stuff

6. Tuulikki NYC

Ripcurl, Billabong, Volcom, Roxy and co. We all know they make great surfbikinis, because we all wear them. We all have them. Tons of them. It´s no curiosity to encounter another girls in the line up, wearing the same ol' ripcurl bikini top. Be an individual and wear something different. Tuulikki NYC is our new favorite Surfbikini Brand. Straight outta NYC, where fashion is born, they make incredibly handy surfbiknis and lycras. We don´t have to mention how stylish and yet undiscovered they are. Check them out.


7. Surf Skate

Landlocked, flat, shitty conditions? Don´t be lazy, grab a surfskate and practice your skills. A Surfskate is your perfect partner in crime to gain some more strength for your next trip. Plus: It´s the best on land training to improve your technical ability and turns. This is our recommendation: YOW Surf Skate