Watch: Eli Hanneman – Maui´s next big thing in Surfing here!

You like surfing? Then we´d like to introduce you someone who is actually able to express his love for the sport in pure skill. Eli Hanneman, Maui´s next big thing as stated by the WSL and this is not a question. In fact he might be the best 14 year old Surfer out there at the moment. 


Eli Hanneman: 14 years old, from Maui


It´s for a good reason, Hurley and Red Bull already believe in his talent. “Keep him in love with the sport”, main Sponsor Hurley said to his mum. But just watch the video, after that, there won´t be anything left to explain. He already expresses himself pretty well, and this not just with his own signature move – a fs alley oop – but also with loads of style and ridiculously well surfing!


“My long-term goal is to be a pro surfer, for sure,” he said, “but I don’t want to get ahead of myself and focus on winning a World Title because if you try to set your goals too high, and just overlook everything going on now, then everything can pass you up and you don’t even realize it.” Words of wisdom from a 14 year old kid!