On the red carpet at the Surfer Awards 2017

Surfer Award

Nearly 50 years SURFER has let their readers decide who is to win a Surfer Award of the greatest and also the only popularity contest in the sport. Two days before Pipelines waiting period kicks off and a world champion is crowned on the north shore of Hawaii – On December the 6th 2017 it was that time of the year again.

WMNSurfMag was at the Surfer Awards to have a closer look at the winners, nominees and their Outfits at the one Event in Surfing that requires a little more than just a Bikini top, Boardies or flip flops.

But before we discuss outfits, let´s start with the winners of this years Surfer Awards:



BEST SHORT: Premium Violence

BEST SERIES: Continuance (starring: Kelly Slater)

BEST PERFORMANCE: Julian Wilson (Wayward)

BEST DOCUMENTARY: Nervous Laughter


BEST BARREL: Ian Walsh, Jaws



AGENT OF CHANGE: North Shore Lifeguard Association

MEN’S SURFER POLL: John Florence


Congratulations! Now let´s talk styles:

John John Florence had left open his shoe laces. We think it was for good luck, which he doesn´t actually need having a girl like Lauryn Cribb on one side and his 4th Surfer Award on the other. Maybe it wasn´t on purpose. John John was wearing a classy black suit. 

Surfer Award

Kelly Slater won the Surfer Award for Best Series with ‚continuance‘. Clearly, fellow nominee JOB would have won if there was an Award for Best appearance. But there is not. So Jamie O´Brien and crew disappeared when Kelly got called out as a winner. „You got it wrong“, JOB yelled out loudly while leaving the event hall.

Surfer Award

Fortunately the North Shore Lifeguards were there to safe Life´s. We´re sure, they would have safed JOB´s too if he drowned in the beers he had. Legends!!! (We were missing the Baywatch outfits though)

Surfer Award

The Surfer Award for Best Performance went to Julian Wilson. And he really did a great job this year. Not just Surf wise but also by putting a ring on Ashley O´s finger. The couple is expecting their first baby too! (WMNSurfMag already did an Interview with her) Both looked amazing. Julian was wearing a Shirt, keeping it simple.

Surfer Award

Niki van Dijk was our very own Stylelight that night. She looked amazing wearing a simple dress with more or less white adidas trainees. Sporty as we know her. Really authentic and cool. Just Niki.

Surfer Award

Coco Ho looked as happy as she could be. Shining bright like a diamond in every aspect. Most of all aspects her glitter shoes were shining the brightest! We loved her outfit.

Dirt Bikes, Big Barrels, A home in the desert and a Model career. Imogen Caldwell: An amazing young and humble woman in a stunning dress. Imo is just the full package and we´re always happy to see her.

Surfer Award Surfer Award Surfer Award

WOW. Billabong has just dropped the most amazing 80´s retro campaign to promote their ‚new Wave‘ collection. (It has to win a Surfer Award next year!) Their Team wasn´t awarded but fashionwise they were killing it at the awards! Flick Palmateer, Pacha Light, Laura Enever and Macy Jane Callaghan – almost stole JOB his show by just their look.

Surfer Award Surfer Award Surfer Award

Tyler Wright our back-to -back World Champ joined the Surfer Award accompanied by her Manager squat. She was wearing chucks and a leisure ripcurl shirt. Speaking of leisure... Where is the WSL´s Ambassador of stoke and leisure? Give us a sign of Life Zachary, we know you're around somewhere and wed love to meet up! 

The Awards represented Surfings diversity in all it´s Nominees and Winners. Boots, heels, flip flops, sneakers, Boardies, Bikinis, denim, suits, leather or neoprene – We saw a colourful crowd of the most creative and talented Surfers, Filmmakers and Lifeguards of the scene.

Thank you SURFER MAGAZINE for putting up such a great event!

All Photos by @aframe_images / Andreas Ummenhofer