Carissa Moore just got married to her highschool sweetheart Luke Unterman

Carissa Moore

Our three times Women´s World Cahmpion Carissa Moore tied the knot at a friends property on Ohau the of December 2017. It´s a true fairytale story with her and her highschool sweetheart Luke Untermann. He gave her the ring before an audience of only 300 dearest and nearest guests.

„The Wedding will take place in oahu. Super backyard-style and chill. Super simple, super laid back. I´m super simple. “ Carissa told WMNSurfMag at the WSL last tour stop of the year in Honolulu Bay, Maui.

As simple and humble as Carissa Moore wanted her wedding to be, she walked the aisle barefoot in a minimal, locally sourced dress.

At the Event in Honolua Bay, we saw Luke Untermann supporting Carissa throughout every heat. He stood on the cliff, watching his girl charge and cheering for her.

„I have a really good support“, the Hawaiian local said about her husband.

A lay day at nearby pipe even allowed fellow Hurley athlete and title contender John John Florence to witness his friends wedding ceremony. Also close friends like Stephanie Gilmore and Bethany Hamilton were part of the celebrations on Oahu.

When we asked about the couples Honeymoon plans, Moore revealed: „We have no plans yet. We´re just taking it moment by moment. „I don´t think we´ll go surfing. Rather something completely different.“

Furthermore Carissa told WMNSurfMag that she was really happy with the WSL´s tourstops for next year. „It´s sad to see fiji and lowers go. But I think that it´s really refreshing to have some new stops on tour,“ she said.