1 to follow: Laura Enever – A Surfer with a passion for fashion

Credit: @WSL, Sean Rowland

Laura Enever is one to follow. Wether it is her fearless approach in big waves, her consistency in finishing up under the top ten female surfers worldwide or her achievements outside of the surf industry...

Laura Enever is one to follow in every aspect

Besides from surfing, she´s got a passion for fashion and no matter if she surfs, or sits in the front row at the NY Fashion week – „she just looks as natural in leather shorts as she does in a wettie.“ as stated by Stance.

Born and raised on Sydney´s Northern Beaches (Narrabeen), she´s already made name of herself as one of the most influential female surfers long time before she turned 26.

On her Instagram as well as in her personal Blog, Laura shares her passion for surfing combined with her own and artsy way of traveling and design.

Have a look and get inspired : www.lauraenever.co

Dive in to the contrasty, colourful and creative life of Laura Enever:

All fun and games until there's sand in your bed.

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Time to make up for lost waves. So Good to be backkkk in the ocean 🌈

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Dance in the space between💃🏼

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Le RINSE! Saltwater still in my brain from this trip 🌊

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